26 December 2013

Study Shows How Dependent Alaska Is on Military Spending

The Associated Press reports:
— A new study from the state shows how dependent Alaska is on military spending.

Sixty percent of all federal dollars spent in Alaska are devoted to defense spending, and the state estimates the military will spend $486 million next year on Alaska projects, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported (http://bit.ly/19rsXgh).

The study is from the state Department of Labor and published in this month's Alaska Economic Trends magazine.

It shows the Fairbanks North Star Borough has the largest percentage of residents with ties to the military. Just under 23 percent of residents there are employed by the military or a military dependent.

The Army post Fort Wainwright and Eielson Air Force Base are located in the borough.

Coming in second with nearly 22 percent was the Denali Borough, home to Clear Air Force Station.
Kodiak came in third with 18 percent, mostly Coast Guard members.

Anchorage has the highest number of active-duty military and dependents at almost 31,000 people. But because of the municipality's largest population, that only translates to 10 percent of Anchorage's population.


PioneerPreppy said...

So do the military employees get the Alaska oil subsidy or is that even something that happens? I mean I have been told and read about it but that was a long time ago it may not even be around any longer.

Nice X-mas gift too BTW. Gratz

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, they do - but only after meeting the same qualifications as any other "permanent" resident. Some Alaskans are a bit sore about the military qualifying, since most of them eventually get shipped out to some other duty station. But what the heck.

And thank you - it's calling my name, even as we speak. :)