19 December 2013

Thursday Morning Headlines

Can't-Trust-'Em Dept: Yesterday afternoon, the Nat'l Weather Service issued an advisory about high winds & 4" to 7" of snow. Given the temps in low single digits, it could have been a lot of blowing, drifting snow and poor visibility.

Only not so much. The advisory got cancelled, and we got less snow than predicted. Well, there might have been 4", but it's drifted so badly that it's hard to tell.

* * * * *

Criminal-Stupidity-But-I-Repeat-Myself Dept:  Alaska State Troopers say a Wasilla man faces vehicle theft and escape charges, after suffering hypothermia and frostbite in an attempt to evade troopers near Cantwell Tuesday afternoon.

...  AST says Wade was ultimately found by a K-9 unit, after one hour and two miles of tracking through woods in temperatures that fell to 20 degrees below zero.

* * * * *

Something-New-Has-Been-Added Dept:  Disney's upcoming film, "Walking With Dinosaurs" is set in Alaska, and will feature some newly-discovered dinosauria uncovered in the Arctic. Now you know

In this scene from "Walking with Dianosaurs," a herd of pachyrhinosaurs makes its migration across the frozen Alaskan tundra. The film's action is set in Alaska and key backgrounds in the film were filmed in state by the Anchorage high-tech production company, Evergreen Studios.

* * * * *

It's-All-Relative Dept: This morning's temp is 11 degrees. That's 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. We're okay with that, too.

Slim pickings in the news, but I'm glad you stopped by. Have a good one, friends.


ProudHillbilly said...

Huh. But was Alaska in the same place relative to the equator when those dinosaurs were present? The earth's plates wander.

Rev. Paul said...

Alaska's always been pretty far north.