14 January 2014

A Couple of Hours Ago

The front moved in around 2:30 this afternoon. This video was recorded in one of the calm moments, in-between periods of blowing snow so heavy that the street wasn't visible.

So now we have snow & freezing fog, and Accu-Hunch has just issued a freezing rain advisory for tomorrow afternoon.

This winter isn't exactly living up to the Old Farmer's Almanac prediction of "colder & drier than normal." I wonder if anyone at work would miss me if I head to Hawaii a couple of months early?


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I think everyone would miss you and your Sweet Wife if you head to Hawaii!!!!!

It's getting colder here, and windy. I would send you warmth and the sun if I could :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, sun is desirable, but not warmth. It needs to be cold this time of year, to keep the snow from melting & causing flooding. But I appreciate the warm thoughts.