19 February 2014

Who Knew That "Hump Day"

would be talking about snow drifts? Especially after not having received any significant snowfall since early January?

The forecast was for 1" to 3" yesterday & last night, but there was already 5" on the ground when I got home from a jam session at 2130 hrs. Another 4" came down through the night, and this morning I decided against bothering to dig out my little sedan.

Older Daughter has that nice Ford pickup, so I commandeered it for this morning's commute ... also took my wife to work. In another hour or so, I'll have to return home & either take O.D. to her job, or else surrender the truck and see if my little turbo coupe can get out of its parking spot. A lot of that will depend on whether the snowplow has cleared the streets in my neighborhood.

This is not a significant snow for Alaska, nor for any of you folks in the Lower 48 that have been clobbered by winter this year - but it was unexpected.


PioneerPreppy said...

Nah that's pretty significant for us. We got alot of cold and the snow stayed around and came in small amounts but not like 12 inches in one storm like you got. I think we just got 6 to 8 at a time maybe.

I bet we get one more big snow storm down here yet.

Rev. Paul said...

Understood & agreed, Preppy. This is a fairly normal overnight accumulation, most years. It's just been so long since the last one - this time 'round - that it seemed unusual.

Cathy said...

Have you really only got 9 inches on the ground now?
Wow. Crazy winter. We got another 5 two nights ago. Hope you got dug out OK.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, we got 9" of fresh snow, but there's still some from before. It's only about a third of what it should be, though.