21 March 2014

Because We're Headed Back ...

A few minutes before sunset, Waikiki

Sunset from Paradise Cove, Ko'olina, Oahu

Hanauma Bay, where the tourists go snorkeling

Kaneohe Bay; the island is where "Gilligan's Island" was filmed, per our bus driver. But I recall the CBS special about Sherwood Schwartz (producer) stating it was filmed in a lot at CBS Studios in California which is now a parking lot.

Diamond Head and the east half of Waikiki Beach, from offshore

Waikiki Beach at night

The same view in the daytime

Sunset on Waikiki

Diamond Head

Waikiki Beach


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

You and your lovely wife enjoy your trip. The pictures you've posted are beautiful.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy. :)

Cathy said...

Are you sure these pixes were taken on THIS planet.
I'm looking out my window . . and it's hard to believe that warmth, beauty and green exist anywhere in this universe. ;-P

Rev. Paul said...

I know, Cathy. That's why we keep going back there.

PioneerPreppy said...

I hate you.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy - I'll take that in the spirit with which it was intended ... I think. :)

Old NFO said...

Stayed at the Hilton didn't ya... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Mais oui, NFO!

juvat said...

Old NFO beat me to it. Think I've stayed in that very room! When we got stationed there, the first Friday nite, I stepped out onto the balcony because I heard drums and such. Walked up to the railing and looked down, just as the first firework went off at about eye level. Fireworks are awesome! They're even more awesome when they explode right in front of you.
Agree that Hawaii is a beautiful place, we've got a 5 year limit on maximum time between visits. Starting to get close.
Have a safe trip.

Rev. Paul said...

I hear you, juvat. We go almost yearly now, but it's closer to us than to most in the Lower 48. Only 5 1/2 hours from Anchorage to Honolulu. :)