14 March 2014

You Can Tell It's March

because the weather is nuts. It was 43 this afternoon when I came home from work ... and now it's 26 & snowing like crazy.

Gotta love March.

Or not.


Cathy said...

The only good thing about March at this point . . . is that it has to give way to April :)
You know . . ."April showers bring May flowers." I'd just settle for a patch of snowless grass right now.

joated said...

Yep. Yo-yo temps and barometer readings, constantly changing/surprising weather, snow, sleet, sunshine--all within hours or minutes.

March is a month during which all plans must be flexible for nothing is constant or predictable.

I agree with Cathy about the need to see a patch of snowless grass, but I fear it would just be a drab brownish hue. That's what I see in the surrounding pastures that have been exposed so far.

Paul said...

Cathy & joated - agreed, on all points.