07 April 2014


Everything is stiff and sore ... or at least sore. 

Yesterday, we began moving furniture from the living room & pending office (formerly a bedroom) on the 2nd floor. Basically moving large, heavy objects from carpeted areas into much smaller, non-carpeted areas: the kitchen & upstairs bath.

Some things like books & dining room chairs went downstairs, and some got piled on the kitchen counter.

By the way, these are worth their weight in gold! Seriously, they made moving the eight-foot bookshelf (and a few other heavy objects) a piece of cake.

The carpet layers are supposed to do the stairs & 2nd floor today. Once I've confirmed that they showed up, I'll swing past the furniture store on the way home and pay the balance on the new sofa and recliner ... and arrange for delivery.

Then tonight, we'll start putting things back where they go.

On a related topic, one of the joys of the day was deliberate destroying the old desk. It was a corner unit with a very funky convex bulge toward the seating area. It had to fit in the bedroom on one side of the bed, and was never comfortable. If you sat where the designed wanted you to sit, it might have worked - but with the bed in the way, one sat at a bit of an angle. My right elbow could rest on the desk, but my left arm dangled in mid-air. Couldn't get a chair with armrests, either, because that wouldn't fit under the little desk, and would block that side of the bed.

I tore that sucker to pieces with a veritable gleam in my eyes. :)

We'll head over to a local office-supply place later this week & order a new large corner desk with hutch ... and a big, overstuffed leather executive chair.

But for now, I'm at work, and am very glad that the rain/snow mix falling at 6 a.m. has stopped.


Cathy said...

Spring is such an interesting time.
It's the choosing season . . the pitching and demolishing season.
Made easier with a "gleam in your eyes".

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My late father stopped by one day on his way to somewhere else while we were moving into a house we had just purchased. He decided to help. Introduced me to the concept of a furniture hand truck. "No, son, you do not need to carry the refrigerator up the stairs (from the basement apartment)". I realized just how smart he was.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, while all this moving & renovation is due to the girls moving out, it's a welcome chance to upgrade. :)

Hand trucks are wonderful things, WSF, along with tie-down straps, lifting straps, and anything else that will protect our poor backs. Your dad was a smart fella.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

The best time to upgrade is when the adult kids move out. Then you can buy what you want, not what will work for everyone.

Our final adult child (21 years of age) is thinking about becoming totally independent soon.

Rev. Paul said...

And that's what we've done, Sandy. :) Thanks.