29 May 2014

Alaska Tries Again

to further its reputation as the most dangerous State in which to fly.
Helicopter pilot dies, witness burned in Birchwood crash - Rescuers said the pilot, who had not been identified, was killed. Dalton did not know who the helicopter belonged to nor whether it had been landing or taking off.
from the linked story at www.adn.com

Alaska Air 737, cargo plane have 'near miss' over Fire Island - Alaska Flight 135, inbound from Portland, Ore., was about to land at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport at 3:08 p.m. on Runway 15, running north-south, when the pilot was instructed by Anchorage air traffic controllers to initiate a "go-around" to avoid an outbound Ace Air Cargo Beechcraft 1900 headed to Sand Point, according to NTSB spokesman Clint Johnson.
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Funny River fire update:
Persistent cooler and wetter weather has slowed, but not stopped a massive wildfire on the Kenai Peninsula.

About the only positive effect of the light showers locally is that the smoke and ash have gone away, for now. Asthma sufferers are rejoicing.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

That's one big fire!!!

Good to have a light rain to help with the smoke and those who have asthma.

Rev. Paul said...

The rain is helping immensely, Sandy, but we're so dry that more is needed.