09 May 2014

A Strong Case of Stoopid: Gun Store FAIL

How Not To Do It Dept:  From the Alaska Dispatch/Anchorage Daily News (now one and the same), there's a cautionary tale about a gun store clerk doing everything wrong, and it's going to bite the store, BIG time.
JUNEAU -- Two days after Jason Coday got his new gun from a Juneau gun shop, he used it to kill -- apparently for no reason -- Simone Kim, a young Anchorage man working as a painting contractor outside Juneau's Fred Meyer store.

...Hoping to get some answers, the Kim family is suing the gun shop where Coday got the gun used in the murder. And it is the intriguing method by which Coday, looking homeless, walked out of Juneau's Rayco Sales with a .22 caliber Ruger rifle that's now at the heart of the case.

Rayco owner Ray Coxe declined comment on the specifics of the case, other than saying he'd done nothing wrong.

What Rayco also didn't do was conduct a federally required background check that's supposed to be done before a firearm can be sold. Coday, with a history of drug abuse and erratic behavior, was a fugitive from the Lower 48 who'd arrived in Alaska not long before the 2006 killing.

"He never would have passed a background check," Choate said.

In court filings and elsewhere, Coxe has said there was no need for a background check because there was no sale. He said he personally showed Coday the Ruger he asked about and discussed its attributes for the "target shooting" Coday said he was interested in doing. It was priced at $195.

Coxe left the gun with Coday and went to the back of the store to do paperwork. Coday had a sleeping bag wrapped in plastic tied around his waist.

When Coxe returned to the counter, Coday and the gun were both gone, but two $100 bills were on the counter. Coxe said the gun had been "stolen" even though he banked the $200 as a sale. Two days later Coday shot Kim.

The stoopid is strong with this one.

* * * * *

Love/Hate Relationship Dept:  Love her or hate her - and there doesn't seem to be a middle ground - Sarah Palin called in to a local radio talk show yesterday. She spent some time bashing the current governor, who just undid her signature legislation with a substantial revision to the oil tax structure.

She praised one of the current crop of candidates for the governor's job, Bill Walker, who responded later with faint thanks. Perhaps he's afraid that her negatives might taint his campaign. Who knows?

Who nose. It'll come to you.

* * * * *

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Dept: The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center is predicting a cloudy, wet summer for southcentral Alaska, with possible thunderstorms in the Interior, sparking wildfires.

It's the El Nino thing again. From the article:
Already this year 72 fires have ignited statewide and as of Thursday had burned 145.2 acres. A decade ago, in one of the worst years on record, 6.59 million acres went up in flames statewide. According to Thoman, the 2004 El Nino year was one "we all want to forget."

The last El Nino was in 2009; the Climate Prediction Center claims there is a 65 percent chance of an El Nino developing during summer months.

The summer of 2004 was hot and dry. Clouds? Not so much. What we had that year was smoke from all the wildfires, which obscured visibility here for most of the season. Rain would actually be an improvement, for us.

Time will tell.

* * * * *

One of THOSE Weeks Dept:  Not nearly so bad as Old NFO's (see his blog on the sidebar). Nothing like that, actually.

It's one of those weeks when I've struggled mightily to find anything at all to post. I haven't written anything substantial in some time, either.

But I keep trying. (Some say I'm very trying, but let's leave my mother-in-law out of this). Heh.

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That's all I have for now. Y'all have a great Friday and a better weekend, and thanks for stopping by.


Keads said...

You too Rev!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Kelly. I appreciate it.

Old NFO said...

Yep, he's screwed... And thanks for the link... Still hiding in my office... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

You're welcome, NFO ... and I'm sorry. :)

JMD said...

If the gun store owner is "fortunate" he will never be allowed to sell guns again. That is assuming everyone else is as confused as the owner seems to be. Terrible about the man that lost his life. Very sad.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed. I can't believe the article isn't laced with references to ATF and FBI investigators.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping gun store guy is now former gun store guy, and has been arrested and is being sued!


Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, gfa. The process is complicated enough without people like him making things worse. I think the whole thing hinges on the fact that he never reported the rifle as stolen.

Cathy said...

El nino . . .la nina . .
Whatever we get . . the left will spin it as 'global warming'.

Rev. Paul said...

That's true, Cathy. They say EVERYTHING is caused by warming ... the morons.