31 May 2014

Rain, At Last!

From KTUU's live blog:
Firefighters are finally getting a handle on the large wildfire that has scorched a huge stretch of the Kenai Peninsula.

The human-caused blaze sparked on May 18 near a horse trail along Funny River Road and has since engulfed an area the size of many large cities. Portions of the fire along the west and southwest borders of the fire perimeter have diminished, and on May 30 the growth slowed substantially.

... The fire on Friday, May 30, encompassed an estimated 193,243 acres, with 46 percent of the blaze contained. That amounts to about 1,000 acres of overnight growth, with identical containment from the night before. 759 firefighters and support personnel remain on scene.

Thank you, to all who have been praying for rain. Keep it up, please!


Old NFO said...

Woo Hoo! Good news!

Rev. Paul said...

You betcha, my friend. We're liking it!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Awesome! *wild flailing happy muppet dance*

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, I'd pay cash money to see that. :)