26 June 2014

No Posts For a Few Days

I will be traveling tomorrow, heading some 320 miles northeast to an Appleseed weekend in a village within hollering distance of the Yukon Territory.

Pictures? Yep, we'll take 'em.

Posting? Not before Tuesday, probably. Y'all play nice amongst yourselves ... and while you're at it, stop by my friends' sites, listed on the sidebar.

They've got this.

I'm so gone ... I wasn't even here.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe and go with God!


Corey said...

Watch out for angry moose. Also have fun

threecollie said...

Sounds fun!

Keads said...

Have a great time!

Old NFO said...

Enjoy and shoot em good!

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Go enjoy yourself, and don't think about the computer. Take care,

Jenny said...

WOW! Awesome, can't wait for pictures!