11 June 2014

The Way It SHOULD Be Done!

They could have screamed like little girls ... called 911 ... or "sheltered in place". But they chose the more honorable way: the way it's supposed to be done if, say, a man is to be a man ... with God-given guts ... and not just a mistake with a zipper.

Homer Wedding Party Guests Restrain Man After Threats of Gunfire

Alaska State Troopers arrested a Homer man who allegedly crashed a nearby wedding party Monday and threatened to shoot it up, after those present physically restrained him and alerted law enforcement.

According to a Tuesday AST dispatch, troopers were informed Monday of the incident at Mile 18 of East End Road. They subsequently contacted 38-year-old Joseph Kuzmin, who was ultimately held at the Homer Jail without bail on one count of second-degree terroristic threatening.

“Investigation revealed he had threatened to kill members of a wedding party with a gun in Kachemak Selo,” troopers wrote.

AST spokesperson Megan Peters says the matter began as a disturbance, then escalated from there.

“(Kuzmin) came to a wedding (and) started causing problems; they told him to leave, he didn’t want to leave,” Peters said.

While Kuzmin didn’t brandish a gun at the scene of the party, he was apparently intoxicated and claimed he had one.

“He was saying he was going to come back and hurt them all,” Peters said. “He was going to get something and come back.”

At that point, Peters says, the wedding party’s guests took matters into their own hands.

“People at the wedding (tied him up), then they kindly gave him a ride home and put him inside,” Peters said. “When we found him, he was tied up in his living room.”

After the responding troopers spoke with people at the scene, they were invited to remain at the festivities but couldn’t.

Amazing that what used to be common (i.e., standing up to a bully) is now headline-worthy. But hurrah! for them.


Anonymous said...


Who ever heard of such a thing?



Rev. Paul said...

Not many, it seems. This is rather refreshing, isn't it?

ProudHillbilly said...

“When we found him, he was tied up in his living room.”

Made me smile.

Rev. Paul said...

See? Alaskans are considerate: we deliver! :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Small town values; small town justice. Good on them.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, yes indeed.

Corey said...

I like that they invited to troopers to stay. That was nice of them. I would have took some cake to go though

Rev. Paul said...

It was classy, Corey - and I suspect they were offered cake, too.

Knucklehead said...


If you mention to people these days that bullies need to be stood up to, they look at you as if you are a madman. It is very odd.

How did standing up to bullies become a rare idea and and even rarer occurrence?

When a bully is after you, you punch the bastd where it hurts. You might get your butt kicked but the bully with thereafter leave you alone - you caused him pain and effort and he wants neither.

Worked every time I tried it or witnessed it.

Oh, and sometimes you don't get you butt kicked 'cause many, if not most, bullies are also wussies.

Rev. Paul said...

Knucklehead, you're exactly right. I'm not sure when/why this changed in society's eyes, but there are an awful lot of us who are fed up with the idea that we should curl up & play dead when a bully appears.