06 August 2014

Bears: Sometimes They Bring Joy, and Sometimes Fear

Bears in the neighborhood trigger fear one time, joy the next

Craig Medred August 5, 2014

Bob Hallinen / Alaska Dispatch News

In terms of cool, it's hard to beat sitting on the roof of your garage with a pair of binoculars watching a grizzly bear sow trying to feed on berries while worrying about three rambunctious cubs.

This is how I spent my Sunday evening. What were you doing, America?

In terms of heart stopping, few things beat fleeing from a grizzly bear sow with three cubs. That's what I did on Wednesday. Yes, all Alaskans know the adage: Never Run From Bear! That is good advice, but all bear encounters are situational. Good advice in one situation may not be the best advice in another. 

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PioneerPreppy said...

I am fine with having no bear joy around here thank you very much. I have enough to worry about and would be pissed if I walked up and all my hives were destroyed.

Rev. Paul said...

You already have bears there, and I hope you never see them ... or see where they've been.

JaneofVirginia said...

We have black bears here on the farm rather frequently. When we first arrived here, I was frightened, but we have come to know that black bears are quite docile, and even with cubs, simply want to pass through. I am not sure, however, how I would feel about grizzly bears which we do not have here, but by reputation, aren't nearly as congenial ! Thanks for your post.

Rev. Paul said...

Jane, black bears are often the most problematic in town; they quickly lose their fear of humans, and raid trash cans and cars.

Brown/grizzlies will attack if they feel the least bit threatened.

Polar bears will actively hunt you.

denimflyz said...

No bears here, (as of yet), BUT we are getting more problems with big cats, aka, cougars, (not human females), but again, I do know a few. LOL.
One preys on livestock, the other, a man's money.

Rev. Paul said...

I hear you, denimflyz. Predators will be predators, eh? :)

Chickenmom said...

We have a very healthy black bear population here in our corner of N/W Jersey. Can you believe some people actually leave food out for them?

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, I believe it ... the morons. Fish & Game fines people for that, here.

threecollie said...

Um....bear...nuff said. No thank you. lol

Rev. Paul said...

Geez, threecollie, I was only gonna send ya a few ... :)