28 August 2014

Mystery of the 9-foot Hot Dog

What do you do with a huge hot dog that is washed up on a Cook Inlet beach in AlaskA? Light it on fire! That's what trekkers Graham Kraft, Andy Fischer, Eben Sargent, and Luc Mehl attempted. Luc Mehl

The giant foam hot dog in a bun that Luc Mehl and friends stumbled across this spring on the edge of Alaska nowhere left him haunted. 

... From a distance, Mehl said, no one could quite believe their eyes, but as they drew closer it became obvious that yes, indeed, there was a 9-foot-long hot dog on a 7-foot-long bun beached like a dead whale on the shore of Cook Inlet.

Being an environmentally minded group of hikers, Mehl and friends decided they should get rid of the litter. So they tried to burn it up. That was a mistake.

You can read the rest of this tale at the link. Only in Alaska, folks.


threecollie said...

Scenes from Monty Python are flashing through my mind.

Rev. Paul said...

But ... but ... nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Cathy said...

Let's cut to the chase.
Men are ornery.
At every age.
God love em . .
They can't hep it.

Cathy said...

Hmmm . . I consider myself fairly 'up' on words.
But having looked up "ornery" . . . I would like to correct my comment :
"Men are mischievous, rascally . ." . . . in other words . . apt to engage in activities that could just be a leeelte bit questionable. And frankly - I wouldn't have 'me any other way :)

Cathy said...

That would be:
"I wouldn't have 'EM any other way . .
and trust me - I'd change a lot of things about moi :)

Anonymous said...

If your hot dog burns, get checked!


Rev. Paul said...

Cathy - I've had similar issues with comments on others' posts, so I understand. No worries.

And mischievous? Oh my, yes. :)

gfa - down, boy. ;^)