21 August 2014

'Wild West Alaska' star pleads guilty to 4 hunting violations

From a copyrighted story in the Alaska Dispatch News:

"Alaska State Troopers" meets "Wild West Guns" could've been the Alaska reality TV courtroom drama of the year. But an eleventh-hour plea bargain averted the trial. Loren Holmes photo

Jim West, Alaska weapons connoisseur and star of Animal Planet’s “Wild West Alaska,” pleaded guilty Tuesday to four misdemeanor hunting violations, bagging thousands of dollars in fines and two workweeks of community service.

What was set to be the courtroom drama of the year for Alaska reality TV -- "Alaska State Troopers" meets "Wild West Guns" -- has been called off.

After a 10-month paper war that left briefs and memos stacked almost 3 inches deep in the office of the clerk of court in rural Glennallen, state prosecutors and TV star West, or "Jimmy," as most court documents call him, have settled on a plea agreement.

... He’ll be required to pay the state $8,000. District Court Judge Daniel Schally imposed a total of $40,000 in fines but most was suspended. The reality star is required to serve 80 hours of community work service, and probation will stalk West for three years.

... As part of the plea deal, troopers will return West’s Cessna 185 single-engine airplane, worth upward of $100,000. West used the plane for hunting and filming his TV show. That is, before authorities seized it in August 2013.  


JMD said...

Yawn. More big money getting big breaks. Sorry, best I could muster today.

Rev. Paul said...

JMD, you may be right. I'm not particularly interested in the show, either, but thought a lot of folks might be.

ProudHillbilly said...

You would think that folks would understand that high profile media attention means they need to be squeeky clean. At least if they are involved with what might be viewed as conservative activities like hunting.

Rev. Paul said...

Until they get a little bit of fame, PH, and it goes to their heads. They they think they're above little things like hunting regulations, it seems.