26 October 2014

Making Miss D & Jenny S. Nostalgic

Just a few local sights to trigger warm thoughts in those who've left Alaska behind ...

The Moose's Tooth - local pizza & pub par excellence


the coffee Alaskans drink - WAY better than Starbucks!

Small boat harbor at Seward, on a winter's morning


Sandy said...


I mentioned the coffee shop to my husband. The next time he's that way for work he'll have to stop in and have a coffee.

PioneerPreppy said...

That can't be a Winter's morning in Alaska. You can actually see water in it's liquid form :)

Must have been taken last year when you sent all your temps down here :)

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, there are Kaladi locations all over Anchorage (and elsewhere) - but he's sure to enjoy it.

Preppy, it was in early winter; the snow hadn't made it down to the water yet.

Old NFO said...

Still too cold... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, I guess you'll have to wait for summer. :)

Keads said...

It will be cold enough for me next weekend in WV! Great pics!

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, I'd never thought of WV as particularly cold, but then I haven't been there in winter-time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Don't hawk pizza in locations other than NY or Chicago!"
I'm told (by a transplanted Chicago-ite)that we just don't have good pizza here (in AZ)
Of course, that statement isn't true, I've had excellent pizza here.
She just doesn't like it!
Arizona pizza? Alaska pizza?
I say whatever trips your trigger!


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, I never said Alaska pizza was unique; merely available and quite popular. :)

Jenny said...

AAAAAA! You got me!

20 oz Kaladi's mocha, croissant, and salad - the makings of many a wonderful wonderful Saturday morning out to play. :)

Rev. Paul said...

Jenny, I'm glad the memories are happy ones. :)