18 November 2014

Kodiak Cuts In

Apparently one ship captain in the Kodiak area is jealous of the Unalaska Police Blotter:

Kodiak police report that a "highly intoxicated" captain of a 152-foot landing craft grounded the vessel on Gull Island outside of Kodiak, and was arrested on charges of DUI, reckless endangerment and assault.

The Kodiak Police Department reported receiving a 911 call at 8 p.m. Sunday from a 25-year-old crew member aboard the Polar Bear that the captain had run the vessel aground while intoxicated. Officers, with assistance from the Kodiak Harbor Master's office, arrived at the scene of the grounding and made contact with the captain of the vessel, identified as 50-year-old Edward Dyer.

"Dyer was found to be highly intoxicated not realizing the vessel was aground," Kodiak police wrote in a press release issued Tuesday.

Years ago, I knew one guy who drove while hammered, eventually getting stuck in an interstate median. He never shut the engine off or took the car out of gear. When the highway patrolmen approached him, he floored the accelerator in an attempt to "get away" from the guys standing around his car.

After they finished laughing, they broke his window, reached in and turned off his ignition. Sounds like this skipper in Kodiak was doing the same sort of thing.


Guffaw in AZ said...

"Captain, you cannah mix Alaska and Unalaska!" - Chief of Engineering Montgomery Scott


Rev. Paul said...

Scotty, we need those engines now!