01 November 2014

Weather Turns a Bit Less Friendly

We've had a stretch of sunny days, with reasonable temps (lows in the teens, highs in the low 30s) for the last couple weeks.

This morning, it looks like snow, and sho 'nuff, the weather gnomes predict a rain/snow mix this afternoon, and again tomorrow ... and freezing rain/ice pellets tomorrow morning. Yuck.

I'm glad we do our weekend shopping on Saturday morning; tomorrow, we can stay in. There are always plenty of chores around the house.

One such was to have the spring on the garage door replaced, yesterday. It's the coil spring-on-a-rod type, with cables that lift the door from either side. Our spring snapped in two, a few days ago.

We heard the noise, but couldn't find the source ... until I tried to raise the door to take out the trash on Thursday. That sucker wouldn't budge, and I thought at first it had frozen in place. Never happened before, but you never know.

Then I realized the cables were dangling, slacked, and looked more closely. Ah well, that sucker was old, lightly rusted, and nobody knows how long it had been there.

But I can raise the old wooden door with one hand, now. Used to take both hands and a loud grunt. (No, I'm not talking about the retired Marine down the street ...)

We're taking a break before going out to lunch, and a cup of fresh hot tea awaits.

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PioneerPreppy said...

Seems like something is always breaking around here too. One good thing about Winter is the breakage seems to slow down since a lot of stuff is not being used.

We had our first hard freeze last night so I guess my late Fall grass growth may end now as well.

Rob said...

I think we are on the same wave length. ITS COLD HERE TOO hard freeze last night.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Put the studded snow tires on my 2WD pickup last week. Strange to have an October along Front Range Colorado without snow.

Old NFO said...

Brrr... Stay warm!

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, I suspect that rusty old spring was as old as a lot of the things that break around your place.

Rob, we don't mind the cold at all; it's this relatively ugly season in-between summer and winter when there's little snow, and we're surrounded by dead grass & bare trees.

WSF, I suspect you'll get it before too long. We should have a bit more snow than fell already, but at least it's still on the ground, on this end of town.

NFO, no worries. We like it, and have plenty of warm clothes. :)