29 November 2014

Winter Finally Visits Alaska

My wife and I took a drive up into the mountains this morning, just because, and then did a bit more shopping.  It's been snowing lightly all day, and we've received a few inches at best - but it's a month overdue, and we're a bunch of happy campers right now. There's more in the forecast over the next few days, too. That'll be nice.

With the temps dropping, and no snow cover to insulate the ground, the frost line would eventually get down below the 72" mark where our pipes are buried. That's what happened here in 2001, if memory serves.

That year, it didn't snow until February, and pipes were freezing or bursting all over south-central Alaska. Not pretty, trying to dig through near-permafrost.

But it's white outside, and that's all that matters today. Now we're pulling out the first of our favorite Christmas movies, and will put our feet up for awhile.

Y'all take care out there, and if your weather has warmed up, enjoy!


Sandy said...


It feels like spring has sprung again with our temperatures peaking to 72 degrees today. Next week temperatures will drop dramatically.

Enjoy your movies, and stay warm!

PioneerPreppy said...

A 72 inch freeze line? That's like disgusting. Dude that's like almost seven foot underground. I can't even imagine.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, that sounds too warm for this time of year. And thanks.

Preppy, that's reality north of the 61st parallel.

Chickenmom said...

There is something really special and beautiful about the first good snowfall. Except for the shoveling..

Guffaw in AZ said...

Stay safe and warm!


Rev. Paul said...

You're right on both point, Chickenmom.

Thanks, Guffaw. Of course, it ain't cold yet - could be 45 degrees colder, two months from now.

Cathy said...

Pioneer Preppy said it: "Dude."

And may we ask? A couple of your favorite Christmas movies?

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, I don't mind: my all-time favorite is the 1951 version of "A Christmas Carol" with Alistair Sim. He does the best miserable-to-joyous conversion of Scrooge that we've ever seen. No one else even comes close, in our opinion.

Cathy said...

Thanks. I'm going to see if Neflix has it. Maybe Amazon Prime.