13 December 2014

Another Frosty Morn

It was 18° F. at the ol' homestead this morning, and the roofs of the cars were frosty. Fortunately, the windows were not. The block heaters were plugged in, in anticipation of a chilly night, so warming up the truck takes 2 minutes instead of 15.

I'm glad the solstice is near. With so little snow here, there's not much reflected light at night, and the dark mornings (and early evenings) make things a bit dreary. We set off for the stores at 09:00, but it felt like 6 am anywhere else.

The sun didn't brighten the southeastern sky until well after 10:00. This was taken at 10:25:

click for enlargification  :)

But we were back home by 10:45, having beaten the reavers to the big box stores, and all is well. We'll probably go out after lunch, but the places we have yet to visit aren't subject to the ravenous hordes elsewhere in town.

Besides, I don't want to get et.


Brigid said...

It was in the 40's today, unusually warm for December so we took advantage and walked all over the village, getting some exercise.

Rev. Paul said...

That sounds nice; walking is treacherous here, now, due to the icy/snowy aggregate on the paved surfaces. I'm glad you two could get out for awhile. :)

drjim said...

It was nice and sunny today, DRY, and cool.

I had to relight the pilot in the water heater, as all the wind and rain blew it out Friday night.

Spent the rest of the day fixing our neighbor's laptop, and cleaning some junque out of the garage.

Chickenmom said...

I'll be glad for longer daylight hours. It's been cloudy here for a couple of days. Couldn't see any of the great meteor showers (again).

Guffaw in AZ said...

WOW! I didn't know YOU were Jayne in Firefly!?

As to your verbiage, another thought occurred to me:
"How many hot dogs did your eat at the Forum today, Caesar?"
"Et two, Brute!"
I'll be here all week, try the tube steak.


Teresa said...

We had a nor'easter come through last week, talk about dreary. Rain/snow/sleet/rain. Had to have lights on in the house all day (we have so many windows, on sunny days I often wonder if I should wear sun glasses). Ah well, it is winter which makes me appreciate summer all the more :D

Rev. Paul said...

Jim - in your location, "dry" is a good thing, at least for a couple of days. Then maybe a light rain for awhile. :)

Chickenmom, it's cloudy here, too, and the meteor showers - reportedly "spectacular" when seen from Alaska, this time 'round, are not visible either. Nor were the northern lights, which were supposed to be equally spectacular this morning.

Guffaw, I keep it on the down low; don't like to brag, ya know. :)
Re: the joke - you know what they say about not giving up your day job ... heh.

Teresa, Alaskans can tolerate the four hours of daylight in December because we know there'll be 22 hours of it in June. But it can be tough, this time of year.