11 December 2014

Another Sunny Day (NOT!)

Today's sunrise:  10:03 a.m.

Today sunset:        3:41 p.m.

With the days so short this time of year, today's weather isn't helping:

25° and freezing fog, at 11:38 a.m.

Oh, well, the days start getting longer on the 22nd.


Cathy said...

Honestly. This time of year I cling to the notion that December 21 marks the start of the great turn around.

Rev. Paul said...

It does, Cathy. I look at the days getting longer, as we go into the coldest/snowiest part of winter, as a sign of God's promise that summer is coming again. (Genesis 8:22)

Guffaw in AZ said...

What is the difference between 'freezing fog', and say, 'fog'?

This desert rat wants to know.


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw - freezing fog is when the water drops condense & freeze, forming ice on everything. You know, like windshields, headlights, antennas ... and did I mention roads, driveways, and parking lots?

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

We've had fog for about 1 1/2 weeks, and temperatures have been in the 40's. The sun finally came out yesterday late afternoon.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, that sounds unpleasant; glad to hear you finally got some sun, though.