07 December 2014

Celtic Woman

Before the concert report, this: please take a moment today to remember Pearl Harbor, attacked this day in 1941. Too many Americans lost their lives that day.

USS Arizona Memorial
And here it is, from the air:

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Also, my father-in-law, may he rest in peace, would have been 83 today.

And now, the music:

Last night, my wife and I went to see Celtic Woman in concert at the Atwood Concert Hall in downtown Anchorage.
Mairead, Mairead Carlin, Susan and Lisa
Mairead, Mairead Carlin, Susan and Lisa

It was everything one could expect from that group of very talented ladies, plus their accompanists (piano, percussion, uilleann pipes, bagpipes, Irish whistle, etc) and the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

With one exception.

Judging by the sold-out crowd's response, they (and we) would have been perfectly alright with more Celtic Christmas carols, and fewer American standbys.

Don't get me wrong: the music was wonderful, and the ladies in question were in wonderful voice ... but we can hear traditional carols by turning on the radio, or Pandora, or whatever.

And when a Celtic tune was played, the audience was electrified. Clapping, foot-stomping, dancing in the aisles excited!

But it was two solid hours of non-stop singing, dancing, and exciting music well-spent. Those who have seen the women in concert, or even on PBS or YouTube, will know what I mean.

If you're one of the few who haven't, then here's a sample:

And if your browser doesn't display the video above, go here to see it on YouTube:



PioneerPreppy said...

I was wondering if they played the bagpipes or had a guy do it. Never have seen a Woman play the pipes. I know some do but it seems pretty rare.

OldAFSarge said...

They are very talented.

(As to the first part of the post, amen. Never forget.)

Brock Townsend said...

Do the girls go with the album........? :)

Ajdshootist said...

Fab music i was lucky enough to see
Clannad when Enya was still with them and her solo later.

joated said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert. We liked ours back in May.

I agree with you on the "More Celtic!" thing. I mean, it's part of the group's name!

Cathy said...

Well you didn't mention that there were 'guys' too ;)
They're all delightful.

And as for Dec. 7. Yes. We are always mindful of that day. Like you, it's doubly memorable. My precious brother's birthday.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, I've known a female piper, but you're right: it's quite rare.

Thanks, Sarge. And ... never.

Brock - sadly, no.

adjshootist, that must have been quite a treat. A little jealous, here.

joated, it's what they do best, after all. :)

Cathy, we didn't know there were guy, until we saw the performance. All the rest of their (on-stage) traveling troupe is male.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Love their music! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the concert :-)

threecollie said...

Wonderful that you got to hear them....I have CDs and they are terrific. On Pearl Harbor Day...I wrote a column about it once and asked my mom and her cousins who were kids at the time what they remembered of the event. It gave me an utterly different perspective than the political and historical ramifications of such a heinous attack and showed the fear of Americans under said attack. Of children listening to whispering parents, of uncles knowing they would be called up. Of horror not experienced again until September 11. We should never forget!

Old NFO said...

Never forget Pearl...

Celtic Women? Quite the treat! Glad y'all enjoyed it!

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy - thanks.

threecollie - I grew up listening to my parents' stories about the Depression, Pearl Harbor, and WWII. I've never forgotten, and now my daughters know the stories, too.

NFO - amen! and thanks.