04 January 2015

4° and Frosty

The long-anticipated January cold snap has arrived, but still no snow. After several days of upper 30s, and one day well into the 40s last week, most of what we had is gone.

It's been a typical winter weekend here, and I won't bore anyone with thrilling tales of chores, OR the lack thereof. Tales, not chores. There are always PLENTY of chores.

On the bright side, neither is there anything negative to report. Life goes on, rather smoothly.

Gas is down to $2.85, and will probably drop again tomorrow. One year ago, we were paying $3.99, and I'm in no hurry for a repeat. And for those of you who caught my post about gas at or near $7/gallon in the Bush, it was at $10 in those same places, last year.

Thanks for dropping by, folks; have a wonderful day!


PioneerPreppy said...

We are getting your weather here once again RP. I asked you to keep it up there if I remember right :)

In the teens mostly today and suppose to drop to single digits tonight. Then more frigid cold on Tuesday maybe even some negatives... Burrrr.

Rob said...

Cold days of winter hell LOL gas here is $1.94

Old NFO said...

I did, I went to the range! 55 degrees!! :-)

threecollie said...

We saw $1.99 gas in Virginia and were so astounded we took a picture. Still over three here in the land of tax and tax again. Cold here too.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, we'd prefer cold & snow to what we've had. Mother Nature isn't listening to us.

Rob, I hear you. No rhyme nor reason for pricing structure, other than taxes & distribution. At least you're not tied to the California grid like we are (for no reason at all).

Good for you, NFO. Sounds like fun!

I hear you, threecollie. Ours only dropped below $3 a couple of weeks ago; perhaps yours will, too.

Cathy said...

Low gas prices and 'smooth' sailing. All good and thusly a Happy New Year so far :)

Rev. Paul said...

Indeed, Cathy. I hope yours is as good, or even better!