07 February 2015

-6° F.

when we arose today. At least the wind has died down.

We'll be headed out to do our usual Saturday morning routine, shortly. Also discussing where I may want to take my mom and niece when they come up, next month. We have a few destinations in mind, but much will depend on how much Mom can do.

Since she's never been here in winter - or at least, not in late winter - we'll be heading to my favorite mid-town destination from which to watch the Iditarod racers go by on their ceremonial start.

In that regard, here are a couple of pix from the 2013 race:

Click to embiggenate: a sled dog team trotting past my favorite vantage point after the ceremonial start.

It was -10° that morning. I doubt it will be that it will be that cold this year, but you never know; we have coats a-plenty.


Chickenmom said...

Oh, she's going to love to see that!
Not many of us "Down South" get to see that in person!

PioneerPreppy said...

If I was your relative I wouldn't visit until July. But that's just me :)

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I hear you. I've only missed two starts in the last dozen years.

Preppy, typical July highs are 65 to 75. You'd love it.

Rob said...

Padre, I had a guy ask me it will get warm again?? Yes 4th of July weekend. Stay warm.

threecollie said...

I will sure be looking forward to seeing pics of the start!

Rev. Paul said...

Rob - you're a funny guy. :) Besides, there's no guarantee we'll have anything resembling a warm summer this year. Many summers lately have been rainy with highs in the 50s.

threecollie - we won't be at the starting line, but I have lots of pix from previous years. I'll try to remember to toss in a few of those.