18 March 2015

Dallas Seavey Wins His Third Iditarod

Dallas Seavey crossed the finish line in Nome this morning at 4:13. This follows his win last year, and makes him a three-time winner.

That's a select club which includes legendary names from years past: Susan Butcher, Rick Swenson and Lance Mackey, among others.

Oh yes - it also includes his dad, Mitch Seavey, who finished a relatively close second to Dallas this morning. And Mitch is in second place out of Safety, the final checkpoint, and enjoying a healthy lead over his nearest rival, Aaron Burmeister.
Combined with his father's win in 2013, Dallas's win Wednesday gave the Seavey family title to victories in four straight Iditarods.

He gave full credit to the dogs.

"As long as you take care of the dog team and make good decisions, good things will happen,'' he said. "We loved every second of it.''

The top five mushers:

1 Dallas Seavey
Bib 46
AT 03-18 04:13
2 Mitch Seavey
Bib 18
OUT OF Safety
AT 03-18 05:26
3 Aaron Burmeister
Bib 63
OUT OF Safety
AT 03-18 06:55
4 Jessie Royer
Bib 3
OUT OF White Mountain
AT 03-18 00:52
5 Aliy Zirkle
Bib 32
OUT OF White Mountain
AT 03-18 03:24

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Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I was hoping a woman would win the race but knew Dallas Seavey would take it.