24 March 2015

It's Worth Reading Again

(From a 2009 post ...)

From a comment left at GOC's post on Ammo Sales:
... It's sort of comedic, the way the anti-gun folks have spurred gun sales. But the underlying note is a chilling one. We sense something bad is coming. The borrowing can't continue. The controls are ever-more invasive. Somethings got to give. We don't know where or what, but we're uncomfortable. We take a small amount of comfort in knowing that, if civil controls fail, we're armed.
Having a gun is no panacea. There are always people out there with bigger guns, and more of them. A gun in my hand doesn't mean I can't be killed. But it does mean I can't be enslaved. They can take my life but not my humanity
These are disturbing thoughts to be harboring in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our political leadership will say I've become another dangerous right-wing kook. Is it true? It's a question I ask of myself. Have I moved into crazy territory? Or am I just telling it like it is?
In any case, I'm not a danger to anyone. Not planning on launching a revolution. I'm just getting on with my stupid life. But I sleep better knowing that if anything comes after me, I've got the right tool to do what must be done.
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Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Amen Rev. Paul, you're just tell it like it is.....you're no kook.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy.