14 March 2015

Saturday in the A.M.

Aliz Zirkle is currently in first place, having left Huslia last night, just after 8:00. Rounding out the top 5 are Mitch Seavey, Jeff King, Aaron Burmeister, and Dallas Seavey.

Aliy Zirkle and her team of 16 dogs arrive in Huslia on Friday, March 13. (Photo by Loren Holmes/ADN)

* * * * *

It was -5° when we awoke this morning, but has warmed to only -3 now. :) 

The sun has just peeked over the Chugach Mtns, and we'll warm all the way to 10 above today. My mom has opted to sit out the Saturday grocery/staples run.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Later!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Always amazed by how much fun the dogs seem to have, Few things happier than a working dog, working.

Old NFO said...

Have fun with the shopping... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, it's always amazing to see how much enthusiasm these dogs have for the task of pulling a sled. It's so much fun to see them jumping and straining to go, at the start line, especially when the announcer begins the countdown. They know it well!

NFO, it's not fun, per se, but I get to spend that time with my wife - and after nearly 26 years of parenthood, it's great to have her to myself for awhile.