13 March 2015

Running Blind: This Dog's Got Heart

Blind Sled Dog is Racing Toward Nome

Laura doesn’t like running as the lead dog, being blind and all. But that doesn’t mean she can’t make it to Nome, said Big Lake musher Kelly Maixner, who first noticed the dainty-faced husky was going cloudy in the eyes about two years ago.

Veterinarians have since diagnosed 5-year-old, 50-pound sled dog with a cornea disease called pannus, he said. “She runs everywhere but lead.”

* * * * *

Four mushers have checked in at Huslia, this year's halfway point. The leaderboard shows a lot of changes, this morning:

1. Aaron Burmeister
2. Dallas Seavey
3. Thomas Waerner (a rookie)
4. Ken Anderson
5. Hugh Neff

Have a great Friday, friends. 


Cathy said...

Sorry :( I can't watch it. I have such a soft spot in my heart for dogs that well . . . . I'm hopeless.

Rev. Paul said...

She's a great, loving, big-hearted, loyal dog ... who just happens to be blind. We should all have a canine like that at least once in our lives.

Guffaw in AZ said...

My mind went...
"Blind Sled Dog Is Racing Toward Wall"

Because I'm sick and twisted!
(good for her!)


Rev. Paul said...

Sick, twisted ... I love it! :)