07 March 2015

Welcome, and This Is Weird

I see that Terra Dactyl has clicked the "Follow" button. Welcome aboard!

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So what's the weird part? Mom, my niece and I are going to see the ceremonial start of the Iditarod this morning.

That's not weird, by itself.

The weird part is that I've observed the start when it's bitterly cold (-10° F.), snowing, sunny, slushy ... but never raining and 38° with bare ground and no snow anywhere except for the path built for the mushers and their teams.

This will be different.


Max said...

Getting off course this year will be a little different. Perhaps they can have wheels for those occasions.

Enjoy your spring!

Old NFO said...

Didn't they move part of the race further North?

Rev. Paul said...

Max, we don't want spring - yet - but it seems to be inevitable.

NFO - the restart tomorrow is in Fairbanks, so the first half of the course is much farther north than usual.

Cathy said...

My Florida nephew traveled up there to see it with friends. I guess his thin southern blood has had an easy time of it.

Cathy said...

Sorry about those multiple posts. Keyboard has been a little funny :)

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, I suspect he wasn't too badly off, this year. Dang it; last time I went, it was 50 degrees cooler.

And no worries on the multiple submissions. It may even be Blogger's fault - I'm getting multiple duplications from several folks, lately.