02 March 2015

You Know How I Keep Saying There Aren't Many Roads Up Here?

2,300 miles from east to west - 587,000 square miles total

To put things in perspective, traveling east from Anchorage in the most direct route to the Yukon Territory (our closest neighbor) is a seven-hour drive.

Worth a thousand words, no?


Jenny said...


It might not be a true frontier anymore, but it's the closest thing to these days.

At least until Elon gets those rockets workin' :)

Rev. Paul said...

"it's the closest thing to these days"

True, that. You get those rockets workin' - or Scotty gets the transporters back on-line - then that'll be an interesting day.

Old NFO said...

Yep, and the further North, the less roads... and less well kept...

PioneerPreppy said...

I am not sure I would classify all of Alaska M-class though. Last frontier or not :)

threecollie said...

That is amazing!

Jenny said...

"I am not sure I would classify all of Alaska M-class though.. "


Also... ugh. Yes. :)

Guffaw in AZ said...

(If I had viable transportation)
I could drive to San Diego in about
6 hours!


Rev. Paul said...

NFO - you got that right. But the worst "highway" conditions are the Federal portion, through Denali Nat'l Park. Slow down, and you'll still go airborne at least twice.

Preppy - you're right about that, too. Not all of this State is suitable for habitation, but most of it has a cabin or village someplace.

threecollie - 95% of our villages are off of the limited road system. Air access only.

Guffaw - most folks simply have no idea how BIG this place is.

joated said...

I think we drove every available road on our RV trip back in 2010. Certainly seemed that way.

Wait! We missed the road to Chicken. Heavy rains caused a mud slide and shut that route down.

When we got back, Terry's Mom wanted to konw if we had gotten to Nome. We had to carefuly explain that there were no roads and we were six months too early for the sled dogs.