10 April 2015

Is It Just Me, Or ...? (The Conclusion)

So the Explorer went back into the tire shop when they opened at 8 a.m.  At least, that was the plan.

The manager and mechanic came out to see me at 7:45, and explained that their machine which pulls axle hubs was broken. That required me to go to their other location in mid-town, some six miles away. The mechanic rode along, I let myself out at my place of work, and he went on to the shop.

The truck was in their shop at 8:20, and he assured me it would be "one or maybe two hours." Okay, fine, whatever.

At 9:00 he called to say that the knuckle was also messed up, and it would be another three to four hours. What the heck' I was at work anyway, and the mid-town shop has a shuttle bus.

At 1:15 they finished, and the shuttle was at my office a few minutes later. Work is done, the annoying little vibration in the rear axle is gone, and all is well.

So ... a "new" used wheel, a new hub, and a new knuckle. At least they paid for it.

Now I'll need to drop some $450 to get a set of plain steel rims to have the snow tires permanently mounted. It'll take 10 change-overs, or five years, to break even on the cost. But I'll be able to change the tires when I want, without standing in line, or any more 2+ hour waits.

I used to do all my own tune-ups, oil changes, etc. I wonder how much longer before changing the tires becomes a pro garage-only deal?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

When you get to be my age (70).

Ed Bonderenka said...

Why plain steel?

ProudHillbilly said...

Your time is worth something as well.

I'd want to do it myself as well. Except the whole thing where SUV/truck tires are too big for my short arms to wrestle. That's been a problem ever since I got rid of the Geo.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF - I'll have to take your word for it ... for now. :)

Ed - the link you provided is for an older model Explorer than mine, and plain steel is $30 cheaper per wheel than those.

PH - agreed. Changing the tires when/where I'm ready is worth the additional cost. And since I'm 6'1", the tires are easy enough to handle.

drjim said...

Have you checked TireRack.com?

They used to have steel rims at very reasonable prices.

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, I have, Jim. They're not much cheaper than anyone else ... darn it.

drjim said...

Yeah, I guess shipping them to you kind of eats up any savings.....

Anonymous said...

Not unlike a doctor's office...

They waste your time, and bill YOU!



Rev. Paul said...

Jim - yes, their shipping charges to Alaska nearly equal the cost of the rims.

gfa - yep. Dang it.