12 May 2015

Another "Alaskan" Reality Show?

Though a new television cop show in the works is set in Alaska's largest city -- and even features the working title "Anchorage" -- film industry insiders in the state say it's nearly certain the series won't be shot in its namesake locale.

Calling the city of Anchorage "one of the most dangerous cities in America," studio IM Global Television has brought on executive producers with experience in Alaska to develop the show, which is based on the work of a longtime sergeant with the Anchorage Police Department's Vice unit.

"Most violent cities"? I think not, but then TV producers never let facts get in the way of a mediocre story. There's money to be made, and a gullible crop of low-information viewers to mislead, don'tcha know.

But the gist of the article is that the show won't be filmed here because the State of Alaska won't give them tax incentives.

Boo, as in hoo...

The shows already on the air are at least partially faked, or in some cases, totally. The Kircher family ("We're gonna starve if we don't kill another moose!") lives about three or four miles out of Homer. They could walk to the grocery stores (plural!) as quickly as they purport to hike to find game.

The "Alaska Bush" show appears to us to be completely fake, as the family in question is reported to stay in a motel in the nearby town, and is reportedly bused to the so-called remote homestead which the producers rent for filming.

Need I go on?

It ain't worth your time, folks. Ya wanta see Alaska? Go here, here, or here ... or come up and see us in person.

Caribou under rainbow in Denali National Park
Found at https://www.travelalaska.com/


Vicki said...

I have not seen the Alaska shows you mention. I'm not sure my TV is even plugged in. But I believe that the natural beauty of any area is by far more interesting than watching someone pretend they have to shoot a moose or starve. Reality TV? Nope. I don't think so.

Rev. Paul said...

Vicki, I can only agree.

The stuff on TV? It's television. Reality is what's all around us.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I wonder why the TV people keep focusing in on reality TV in Alaska.
I've heard of some real off the wall programs. Never really watched them though. Only one peaked my interest, "The Last Frontier" about homesteading in Alaska. When we have time, we may watch an episode or two.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, that show has quite of bit of the real stuff in it.

The current fascination with Alaska is bound to die down, sooner or later. It's just that most folks in the Other 49 can't believe it's possible to get so far away from other people, these days.