21 May 2015


It's not as crazy today as it has been, so here I am, swinging by the ol' blog to see what's going on.

As If We Needed More Proof Dept: Alaska, Washington senators file bill to build Arctic icebreakers -

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., have introduced a bill that would authorize the Navy to build up to six icebreakers for use by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Murkowski and Cantwell said the Coast Guard and the Navy need the icebreakers -- which cost billions of dollars -- to complete their missions and keep up with Russia and China’s growing icebreaker fleets and activity in the Arctic.

And here we all thought the polar ice cap was shrinking. Apparently the only threat in the Arctic Ocean is ice (and the Russians and Chinese, with their own fleets of ice breakers). So much for global warming.

And Here's Yet More Proof Dept: NASA documents Alaska's growing glacier

But I'm sure the warming alarmists will ignore these reports, just as they do with all the others, and then scream "Deniers!" at us.

I'm sick of the whole lot of 'em: Progressive socialists who want to "redistribute" America's wealth, and impose more-and-more restrictive laws on us. Pfooey.

There's not much else of interest to non-residents in the news, so I'll check the Unalaska Police Blotter and see what's going on out there.

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joated said...

High today of just 53 and tomorrow night we're under a freeze warning. In northern PA. At the end of May.

At least all the snow has melted.