12 July 2015

The Marriage of Church and State


ProudHillbilly said...

Excellent as usual.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Breath of fresh air.

Rev. Paul said...

PH & Ed, agreed - completely.

Old NFO said...

Yep, truth right there!

Tracey Cronkite said...

Having read your previous post and this video I find I have a different opinion that Id like to share.
Lessons From Louisville By Dr. Everett (Sileven) Ramsey Pastor of Faith Baptist Church Louisville, Nebraska 1973-1986
The following is quoted from 7 THE SUPPORT OF PASTORS section:
It was well into this case in the year 1983, after I had already been to jail a couple of times and I was serving my third round of contempt of court, when the honorable Judge Raymond Case asked the Sheriff to bring me one night from the jail cell, about 10:00 PM, to his office on the second floor of the Cass County Court House. As I came to the door the Sheriff left; the Judge invited me in, spoke to me in very humble terms and said he wanted to visit with me for a few minutes. He then asked me to pray before we had our meeting. We both got on our knees and prayed that God would direct our discussion. He first began by asking me to close the school. When I refused, he asked if I would move it outside his jurisdiction. Again, I refused. He then made a statement that got my attention. He said, "Pastor you're 95% right in your arguments, but you are 5% wrong." I responded, "If you can point out where I am wrong, I will repent and make changes." He then pulled from the file the pleadings that had been filed and asked me to read the heading. I read, "The State of Nebraska et. al., Attorney General Paul Douglas vs. The Faith Baptist Church, a Nebraska Corporation." At that point he stopped me and said, "Would you read those last few words again?" I read them again, "Faith Baptist Church, a Nebraska Corporation." He then asked me, "Is that a heavenly corporation?" I replied, "No!" He asked me again, "Is that an angelic corporation?" I replied again, "No!" He asked me thirdly, "Well, what kind of corporation is that?" I responded, "According to the heading, it is a Nebraska corporation."

He then asked me a strange question, "Who owns your buildings?" I answered, "The Faith Baptist .... Ah, I'm beginning to see the light. The corporation owns the property." The Judge responded, "Who owns the corporation?" I said, "Ah, Nebraska." He said, "That's right." He told me that he was going to padlock my church again and he wanted to explain to me that that was the most charitable thing he could do since the leaders in Lincoln, Nebraska have requested that he bulldoze it down and burn it, and the State had the jurisdiction and authority to do so because those properties belong to a corporation owned by the State of Nebraska and it is breaking the laws of the State of Nebraska which the charter forbids it from doing. Well, I didn't have to call my religious guru to find out if I should unincorporate. I unincorporated the church and it began to turn the case around from that point; not in the Courts, but God stepped in and ended the matter very quickly after that. Now, we have had a tremendous battle trying to educate Pastors about this whole concept of the Lordship of Christ and the corporation and any other ties with the government.
In His service
Mike Cronkite

Sandy said...


Another great video......
Totally enjoy watching, and listening to Wild Bill.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, concur.

TC - that's an interesting point. In this state, a corporation is formed by the shareholders under the laws of the State, and can be involuntarily dissolved by the State if the biannual reports and/or fees are not submitted on time. But the State doesn't own the corporation any more than it owns your car just because you have Alaska plates on it.

Apparently Nebraska is different, and in that case it appears the pastor did exactly the right thing.

Thanks, Sandy.