24 August 2015

Monday, Redux

I'm feeling quite a bit better today - and for that I thank God, and all of you who offered prayers and/or good wishes on my behalf.

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A Really Bad Idea Dept:

Jacque Horn photo
Bear-viewing chaos comes to a head in Haines

Crowding, garbage and careless behavior around a popular Southeast Alaska bear-viewing site have some tourists vowing never to return -- and some locals vowing to seek improvements.

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This Happens Too Often Dept: Two people were killed in a plane crash Saturday night in the Kasilof area, according to Clint Johnson, head of the National Transportation Safety Board.

"Owner and pilot, Brian Nolan, age 69 of Kasilof, and passenger Peter Lahndt, age 57 of Kasilof were declared deceased on scene," Alaska State Troopers wrote in a dispatch. The victim's next of kin have been notified.

The plane which was a Cessna 180, was reported to have crashed approximately 3.2 miles down South Coho Loop, according to troopers. When troopers arrived on scene, the plane was on fire.

* * * * *

Measured in Terms of How Many are Inconvenienced, No Doubt Dept: Pilots, police, hunters concerned over President's upcoming visit

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Old NFO said...

Bear bait... Too bad Darwin didn't win that round... sigh

Rob said...

Fell much better soon Padre..

Brigid said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. If you can, keep Dad in your prayers, his heart is failing and I don't know if he will be with us til Christmas. Granted, at 95, he's had a full and blessed life but I've lost a mom, a step mom and my only sibling, so his passing will be hard.


Rev. Paul said...

NFO - if they're not attacked/mauled by the bears, it's only the grace of God that prevented it.

Rob - thank you.

Brigid - done and done. Check your e-mail.

DAH Global Solutions said...

Now why is it when I miss a day or two, something happens I need o be on top of? Glad you're feeling better and all is well. Me? I be fine and full of P & V. I believe you know what that is... LOL Be Blessed oh Brother there art thou!

Rev. Paul said...

Hey, Bro - of course I know what "that" is: it's what you're normally full of ... heh.