18 September 2015

Fun and Games: a Very Busy Day

Pursuant to the purchase of the building which I manage, today I
  • Created 25 rent invoices for the coming month, as I'm not yet able to get into the new owner's accounting software, and e-mailed them to all the tenants.
  • Called each of the contractors and vendors with which we do business, to notify them of the change. In the case of utility companies, you must file an application for ahem new service, and pay a deposit and connection fee. Never mind that we've been connected for 14 years; that's irrelevant to the money-raising scam process.
  • Worked with my new accounting manager to get documents that I'll need to provide to all the tenants, contractors, vendors, and utility companies.
  • Filled out the aforementioned "new connection" applications, and sent them to the accountant to pay the application fees.
  • Wrote a report to the owner (there's a group of them) who will oversee the activities of my office, providing progress updates on all the things she had asked me to check on, details on all the above, and listing all the things she and I will need to discuss in the next couple of days.
And now, it's lunch time.

Meanwhile, the snowline - which was at 3,500 feet above town yesterday - is at 1,500 feet today.

From my drive home, at 13:00 hrs.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Geez, you remind me of our buildings landlord.
I used to like you.....

Old NFO said...

Oh joy... Paperwork blizzard eh?

Rev. Paul said...

Ed, one of the reasons the new owners kept me on, is because the tenants all said they wanted me to stay. As I'm on sabbatical from church ministry, the tenants are my flock now. :)

NFO, it was a combination of paperwork blizzard and flurries of phone calls. Not much fun, but necessary.

Ed Bonderenka said...

OK, I like you again after their recommendation.