14 October 2015


Naked Woman Destroys Subway Restaurant in Anchorage

A woman wearing no clothes destroyed a Subway sandwich restaurant in Anchorage Tuesday night.

According to employees, the woman entered the restaurant on Tudor Road fully clothed at around 5 p.m. and went into the restrooms. When she emerged two hours later she was no longer wearing any clothes, and began to break the furniture, pull down ceiling tiles and throw around the food, tables and chairs inside the restaurant.

Police on scene told Channel 2 that the woman appeared to be on drugs when she trashed the restaurant.

See? Unalaska doesn't get all the fun. :)

Yesterday I posted a picture of a black bear in a local parking lot. Now wash your eyes out with this:

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Matt said...

Heh..... funny.

Rev. Paul said...

Matt, I'm sure the Subway staffers didn't think it was funny last night. But, in hindsight ... :)

Matt said...

oh sure, deplorable behavior and all that. but anymore these days, as long as no one got hurt, no one got beheaded or shot execution style because of being a Christian, or seeing video referring to or in some cases seeing the remaining parts of an aborted baby on my screen.... then it's a good day. Might as well laugh about it after the fact.... like you said... hindsight. :)