28 November 2015

Saturday Mornings Have Become Routine

I've written this narrative before, on many a previous Saturday. Our mornings are usually the same:
up at 06:00, coffee, breakfast, shopping, and back home before lunch.

Today we added a stop at the eye doctor's office, for Wife to pick up her new specs. Then the car wash, to remove at least the surface layer of grime from her new wheels, and start out the coming week with fresh dirt.

Then Blockbuster on the way home, to get a couple of recent releases (because what's available on Netflix right now looks boring).

Pizza coming up for lunch in a half hour. Afterward, tune up my truck.

After that, we'll kick back and enjoy the Christmas decorations we put up, set out, stood up, or hung yesterday. Beyond that? Enjoy what's left of this deliciously long weekend.

That's about as exciting as our Saturdays get, which isn't a bad thing. Thanks for stopping by, friends.


deborah harvey said...

you know that chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.

when i told stories to my little one she said they were too 'oatmealy'.
that's the way i like it!
pour on the oatmeal!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Check on the boat under cover, heat the garage and clean it, putting an accumulation of tools away, go to a friends and repair his deck stair risers leading to his front door because he cannot remember how to use tools and his wife takes us to dinner as a reward, then home to watch Netflix, because Dark Matter isn't boring, and we're caught up on Person of Interest.

Pray for my friend Jim, he was my best man and he still remembers who I am.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Spending time together whether running errands or doing something else is what counts in my book. You have a blockbuster......how cool!!! The one in town, went out of business. Enjoy movies, popcorn, and time together.

Chickenmom said...

One house on our road is lit up like Macy's. Even the trees in back of the house are covered in lights.
It must have taken days to set that up!

Rev. Paul said...

deborah, we've had WAY too many "interesting" weekends: I'm okay with oatmeal-y. :)

Ed, sounds like you had your hands full, yesterday.

Sandy, there used to be a number of neighborhood Blockbuster stores in Anchorage (like everywhere else). Several of them closed, a few years ago, but the one nearby is doing ... well, blockbuster business. Heh.

Chickenmom, there was a fellow back in Missouri who used to set up a display on his country estate that produced a glow you could see from the interstate. Turned out he was a V.P. of Union Electric. :)