29 December 2015

This is Only a Drill

I conducted a fire drill in my building this morning, at the request of the largest tenant. It has something to do with them maintaining their certification for this or that. Whatever; it's easy enough to do.

But there's nothing quite like 95db klaxons and strobe lights to get one's head ringing ... gah.

I need coffee, except it was 50° when I left the house this morning, although the temp's falling several degrees per hour now. The weather heads on TV think we'll have 60 to 80 mph winds beginning later today, and lasting overnight, with heavy rain. So ... too warm for coffee.

But give me another 10 or 15 minutes, and the need will overwhelm the avoidance.

This is one of those days I really shoulda stayed in bed.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Every day.

Rev. Paul said...

Ed - as it turns out, I've been able to accomplish several tasks which previously been ... problematic. And set up meetings for next week with people I've tried to reach.

So not a bad day. But a nap still sounds like a good idea.

Cathy said...

What's are "95db klaxons"?I'm feeling pretty stupid.

(Gotta ask: Is there a correlation between 50' and coffee consumption ? :)

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, 95 decibel warning horns (called "klaxons") are really, REALLY loud. The remark about the coffee is that 50 degrees is so warm that I was wanting an iced drink ... until the morning fog descended. :)