03 December 2015

Throw-Back Thursday

Not about the long string of vehicles we've owned. That will wait until I've gone through several hundred unsorted photos in storage boxes, looking for random snapshots of this car or that.

I've recently reactivated my Book of Face account, and trimmed the list of contacts considerably. There were several reasons why I shut the thing down, a couple years ago.

One, trying to find something clever, pithy, and brief to say there was sapping my ability to write anything here.

Two, there were so many friends of friends of friends who'd "friended" me to bolster their on-screen numbers ... and I found it tiring, after awhile, to even scan posts from complete strangers about other strangers, and things of no interest.

This time 'round, my list is relatives, people I know now, and - to my delight - some Navy friends from boot camp, A school, and everyplace I was stationed.

Additionally, I don't care whether I post something every day, or even check the account every day. It's just a pastime, ya know?

Freedom includes owning things. But when things own you, that's a form of slavery ... even if self-imposed.


Old NFO said...

Good way to approach it... Just sayin...

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, my friend.

PioneerPreppy said...

I don't even look at my FB page. I keep it up so a few old friends can sometimes still contact me but so many of my old college friends and re-inactment buds are such complete liberals I don't post a thing on FB.

Rev. Paul said...

Fortunately, the relatives & friends I've kept on FB are like-minded. Mostly, anyway.