06 December 2015

It's Going to Be a Nice Day

Good morning! It's 12 degrees F. here at Chez Paul. AccuHunch opines that we probably won't get much warmer today. There was a dense fog overnight, so everything but my windshield is covered in an icy frost.

My windshield? Helped partially by the overhang above the garage door, and mostly by the block heater.

We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then I showered, took my truck to the gas station and topped off the tank. We try to keep the tanks no less than 3/4 filled in really cold weather, to prevent moisture build-up in said tanks. We also keep a six-pack of Heet in the garage, but haven't had to use the stuff often.

Then I fixed the electric plug on Younger Daughter's block heater (looked like it got yanked out of the outlet too hard) and cleaned her headlights and fog lights. Due to the road grime from the rain on frozen streets a week ago, they were nearly opaque.

Back inside I changed into flannels, and am thinking I may just stay in for the rest of the day. But it looks like a nice day out there, with clear skies. It's only 10:00, so the sun hasn't come up yet, but it's plenty bright already.

Yep, it's gonna be a nice day.


Ed Bonderenka said...

We call the block heater option, the Alaska Option when we assemble the Front End Modules.

Rev. Paul said...

Then on behalf of all 750,000 of us, THANK YOU!

Keads said...

Brrr! Sixty degrees here Rev!

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, that's June weather for us - enjoy!