25 January 2016

America's Real Gun Problem -- The Gun Myths

America's Real Gun Problem -- The Gun Myths

Nothing points out the bankruptcy of our nation’s gun-control debate better than the mythologies that surrounds it.

Prior “common sense” proposals are perpetually abandoned. The
so-called “news” media adopts each new absurd gun-control scheme
dutifully, promotes it uncritically, then drops it like a hot potato
when it is proven worthless and runs to the next latest greatest bit of
hoplophobic (morbid gun fear) ridiculousness.

In effect the nation endures a serial mythology, with new myths invented constantly, so we lose sight of each established myth as new ones spring into the public eye.

This obscures the former paranoid fabrications, frustrating our
efforts “to get to the heart of the problem,” which then never get
adequately described. You’ll recognize them instantly, from the constant
hammering of the not-too-distant past–try some of these on for sighs

America has a gun problem (gun-violence problem?) because:

There are too many guns;

There are too many of the wrong kind of guns;

There is too much ammunition;

It’s too easy to get guns;

The guns are in the wrong hands;

There is too much crime;

The guns have pistol grips, flash hiders, folding stocks, features too numerous to list;

We have too many criminals, a permanent criminal underclass,
non-existent families, no father figures, single-parent households,
out-of-wedlock births, substandard government housing ghettos, gang
environments, racial disparities, illegal aliens, black-on-black
murders, five cities that account for most of it, poverty, inequality,
inner cities;

It’s TV, movies, MTV, rap music, hip hop (there’s a difference?) the
pop culture, the gangsta culture, a lack of culture, debauched culture;

Violent video games are the problem ...

And so on, and so on. Go, read the whole thing. 


Ed Bonderenka said...

Seen it all before.
Can't fix stupid.
Restraints and gags work, though.

Rev. Paul said...

And then they accuse us of reinforcing the stereotype. Some people..!

PioneerPreppy said...

Ya they try and say we have a dun problem then do everything BUT point out the only real number that matters.

We have a Black people with guns problem.