29 February 2016

First Full Day of Home-Searching

It's Monday again? I could've sworn we did this, just last week.  Oh, well.

Yesterday was the first official day of our house search, meaning it was the first time we've gone inside to see how closely the house resembles the photos on-line, rather than just driving by.

In the first case, pretty much not at all, except for the prize-winning kitchen. Unfortunately, that very expensive upgrade (Viking appliances and all) didn't extend to the rest of the rather dated house. My "used to be a building inspector" eyes picked out a number of things that needed repairs - soon - including the exterior wood trim around the windows. That was rotting away in several locations, especially around the skylights above the breakfast nook. And the whole place had a musty smell which was very apparent as soon as we walked in.

So ... on to number two. Our daughters very clearly heard "this is home!" when we walked in, and started planning where to put furniture, and how we should arrange things. Unfortunately, what we heard was "this is really nice, but it's not The One." And it was really nice, inside. The back yard was oddly shaped, though, and also formed a bowl in which water was standing. Ungood, here in Very Large Mosquito country.

Number three was also a really nice house, but it's in one of those zero-lot-line subdivisions. The developer is building another house right behind it.

To be honest, with my background in the fire service, I deplore those homes which are only 12 feet apart. End-to-end with that separation is bad enough, but this place is back-to-back. You could step out on the deck and literally shake hands with those in the next house.

No thank you!

So, one stays on the list, and we'll go see more Wednesday evening.


Old NFO said...

Good luck with the search... It's a PITA!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks. We've found a few more, today, and will be seeing them this week. And yes, it's a pain.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I absolutely hate zero lot line homes, prefer to live where you can wonder on your property and not see a person. I'm sure soon you'll find the home of your dreams. Things here were going good....our closing was suppose to be on the 8th of March. Our Realtor called this morning indicating the new potential home owner has to address one issue, a bill on their 2nd credit report causing a delay in closing. Oh JOY!!!! Closing pushed for another 3 weeks.

ProudHillbilly said...

Remember in Poltergeist when the houses were so close they were changing the neighbor's tv channels with the remote?

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I feel your pain. Sorry to hear about the delay.

PH, I remember. And we have no intention of being that close to the neighbors; there are plenty of wooded lots here.