17 February 2016

Light Posting Wasn't My Plan

After several prominent bloggers' accounts were hacked in the last couple of years, I turned on the "2-step verification" on my account.

In a nutshell, that means Google has to send a numeric code to my phone which I must then enter after typing my password, to enter Gmail or Blogger for the first time each day.

Lately, that's been a hit-or-miss affair. Today, I've been trying to get into Gmail for the last 4 1/2 hours. But Google failed to send the code until now, despite multiple attempts on my part.

Sigh ....

Just another wild and busy day at work. Trying to get software repairs on the HVAC computer, meeting with contractors about finishing installation of video surveillance equipment that began last fall but was interrupted by the sale of the building, and so on.

The demands never stop, and vacation's not coming fast enough.

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