08 March 2016

And the Beat Goes On

We signed over a dozen documents last night, pertaining to the VA loan and application. This afternoon, I'll meet a home inspector for the purchase inspection.

I'm looking forward to it for a couple of reason: firstly, to learn more about the home we'll soon occupy, and also because I was a building inspector (20 years ago) and want to see what he finds.

My expertise was in residential construction. The county I worked for, back in Missouri, didn't have a property maintenance code, so we inspected new homes and remodels/renovations only. I was what's called a Combination Inspector, meaning that I was certified (some might say certifiable, but I digress) via all four phases of testing (foundations, framing, electrical/plumbing, and HVAC) and could inspect any part of a one- or two-family residence, at any phase of construction.

Everything from tree to key, as we used to say.

So while I've already looked over the new place with a semi-trained eye, it will be interesting to accompany an expert in existing homes.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, the Last Great Race mushes on. Here's a video of the teams arriving in Rainy Pass:


Old NFO said...

Sounds like things are going well! Great news!!! :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, NFO. The inspection went pretty well, and the house is in great shape. Onward & upward!