04 March 2016

For sale: 2 Alaska State Troopers planes, lightly used

This King Air 200, maintained and operated by the Department of Public Safety's Aircraft Section, was placed up for auction at a government liquidation beginning Feb. 2, 2016, with an initial bid price of $500,000. Courtesy DPS
With two planes on the auction block, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers' Aircraft Section fleet continues to shrink along with the state budget.

The Department of Public Safety has listed the two planes -- a 1980 Beechcraft King Air 200 previously used for high-seas fisheries enforcement and transporting dignitaries, and a 2010 Top Cub -- at the government auction site govdeals.com.

Murph, are you paying attention?


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Not a bad price!!

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, at least it would be reasonable to expect it has been well-maintained.

Ed Bonderenka said...

It says Alaska State Troopers on it.
Think if I bought it I could pull people over?

Rev. Paul said...

Sure, Ed - but be warned that parking in mid-air can be tricky. And it's even trickier when you try walking up to the speeder's cockpit. :)

DoninSacto1 said...

This would be great for Murphy. He could load-up the puppies and visit everybody.

Rev. Paul said...

I know, right? I figured he'd be on that pretty quickly.