02 March 2016

Icy and Snowless, Iditarod Officials Shorten Ceremonial Start

This Saturday's ceremonial start of the 2016 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race will only cover three miles, rather than the traditional 11-mile course.

Between the lack of snow and continued unseasonably warm weather, there simply isn't enough snow to build the course. Even with several rail-cars of snow hauled from Fairbanks, it won't work.

I know there's nothing they can do, but ... just dang. It doesn't seem like the Iditarod if it isn't cold and snowy, you know?

When they officially begin the race on Sunday, there will be some snow cover. Other places in Alaska have had a bit of snow, and the trail's in fair condition as it heads north and west.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

May trail conditions stay great! (I won't hope for a snow dump on Anchorage. I remember the problems of getting what I thought I wanted...)

Old NFO said...

Y'all just can't win on that race!

Rev. Paul said...

Wing - after two snowless winters, we're ready for a huge snowdump. It would make a nice change-of-pace. :)

NFO - I mostly feel sorry for the teams. Hard on doggies, mushers, and sleds, too.