20 May 2016

An Interesting Drive

This morning's commute was ... interesting.

It's windy and rainy, with squalls here and there, making the ruts in the highway a bit more challenging than usual.

There was a yearling moose cavorting in the road at the edge of town, as I left on my way to Anchorage. Or perhaps he was panicked. It's hard to tell with a moose. Either way, he didn't quite seem to know where he was, or how to get off of the road.

Traffic was coming to a complete stop to assess his behavior, before moving slowly on. He could easily leap the median barricades and take out a small car, and moose are VERY unpredictable where traffic is concerned.

As I neared the end of the route, there was a large Mama Moose munching on a roadside tree. With most of Mama in the roadway. The passing cars were of no concern to her.

Moose are like that.

Think 1,200 pounds of horse-sized cow, only not as intelligent, and easily spooked.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

I can understand why the critters don't leave the roadside. We've invaded their territory. They're amazing animals~!