07 May 2016


1. frantic; frenzied. 
 We're heading out to the new house for the final walk-through this morning, with a longer-than-normal shopping list afterward.

Ordering some things to be delivered after we get the keys, and buying others. Putting a couple of items on lay-away for about two weeks, until the unpacking is done. Then we'll arrange for delivery.

Also need to wash the truck, as it looks like the northern birch trees dropped 90% of their seeds overnight, and refill the gas tank. That's one task that's going to be happening a bit more often, now that we've moving out of town. Not very far out, granted, but still about 11 miles farther each way (for me) than now.

Most of that's on the highway, though, so there will be some grace due to higher mpg achieved due to that.

Positive notes in all this: by waiting until the coming week to close, the first mortgage payment won't be due until July 1. And with the security deposit refunds on the houses we've rented all these years, and getting half of the earnest back at closing, we won't have to make any out-of-pocket payments until Sept. 1.

So basically we get to move in May, and have most of the summer free from major expenses while we outfit the new place with the toys we need: gas-powered snowthrower to replace the smaller, electric unit we have now; a leaf-blower; and a new, larger BBQ grill.

So we'll close on Monday, and get the keys (and a hefty refund) on Tuesday. 

And money left over. God is good!


Ed Bonderenka said...

God is indeed good.
Are you inviting us to the Housewarming?

Rev. Paul said...

Sure, Ed - 4th house on the left. :)

ProudHillbilly said...

For some reason I initially read "gas powered flamethrower"...

Brigid said...

It's a beautiful home in a stunning setting. You are beyond blessed.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, I blame things like that on my dyslexia. You? (tee hee)

Brigid, thank you. It brings me to the edge of tears every time I think about it.

Old NFO said...

That he is! :-)

drjim said...

So happy to hear everything is going smoothly at this point!

Chickenmom said...

Wonderful news! May your new home be blessed with love and happiness!

Rev. Paul said...

It is indeed, Jim; even the realtor recognized how quickly & smoothly this has gone. Of course, it always does when you have Inside Help. Just listen to your Counselor. :)

Thanks, Chickenmom; I receive that blessing with thanks & gratitude.