18 May 2016

Hump Day Already

There simply aren't enough hours in the day to do everything we'd like to accomplish, most days. Not because the days are too short, but because our "to do" lists are unrealistically long.

We took last night off, though; everyone is exhausted from three solid weeks of pre- and post-moving activity.

However, we've finished all three bedrooms, and nearly finished unpacking/setting up/arranging the kitchen, office, and living room.

Meanwhile, the nattering nabobs of negativity on the TV continue to "Trump" this, "Hillary" that, and/or "Bernie" the other. Whatever. Regarding the upcoming national election, one is tempted to side with Benjamin (the donkey) from George Orwell's Animal Farm:
Benjamin was the only animal who did not side with either faction. He refused to believe either that food would become more plentiful or that the windmill would save work. Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on– that is, badly.
 But the more time I spend seeking the Lord, and asking Him for wisdom, the more this impression grows: the election results are going to be surprising, and the long-term outcome will not be what everyone seems to expect.

Chew on that.

* * * * *

From the Alaska Dispatch News:

The Alaska Legislature is lurching toward its Wednesday deadline without consensus on an operating budget, oil tax reforms, or any of the other major deficit-reduction bills introduced by Gov. Bill Walker.
Not really much of a surprise. The Legislature used to routinely run past its deadline for action, and spend weeks - at great expense - in special sessions, one after another, to tie things up.

The sessions became so lengthy that the voters, roughly a decade ago, limited the legislative session to 90 days. Given the near-fistfight mentality of most legislators, I'll give you three guesses what happens, these days.

And the first two don't count. :)


deborah harvey said...

interested in God's message to you.
hoping for the best outcome for what is left of our country.

Rev. Paul said...

deborah, it was not what I expected to hear from Him, which is usually a good indicator that it's Him speaking. :)

Old NFO said...

Either way, it will be interesting...

Linda Ault said...

I am with you on the election.

ProudHillbilly said...

There was a papal election that went on for years. The emporer grew tired of the cardinals' dallying, suspecting that the problem was that the prelates were having themselves a good ol' time in Rome and didn't want to go home. So the emporer ordered them locked in a room in the Vatican until they came to a decision. A new pope was elected post haste.

Rev. Paul said...

That it will, NFO. Pass the popcorn, 'kay?

Linda, nice to have at least one other onboard. :)

PH, I understand the result, but what does it say about the current contest?

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Reverend Paul, this time feels different to me. Maybe it is just a feeling. I am not sure it. What I can say is I cannot remember a time where both major party candidates had such issues not just with their opposition but within their own parties. And the fracture lines between interest groups has split in ways I had not expected.

Rev. Paul said...

TB, I understand. It is different, but the differences are yet to be fully revealed. I think we're all going to be surprised by how it plays out, though.

ProudHillbilly said...

Your legislature should be locked in a room until desired results are achieved. Throw in dried fish occasionally.

Rev. Paul said...

Naw, don't feed 'em, PH; it'll just encourage them.